Consulting Services with Confidence

What do you do when the challenges your organization faces have outstripped your knowledge base and resources? Hiring new employees with the right skill set is an option, but it takes time and money. Upgrading technology and infrastructure provide other avenues, but finding the right solutions can be time-consuming.

Faced with these challenges, companies turn to consulting firms, hoping for accurate answers and tactics that can be easily implemented and ultimately trigger positive change. Choosing the best consultant service might be one of the most important decisions your company can make.

T&H’s consulting teams cover a wide range of disciplines and skill sets. Experience is an excellent teacher and we’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned and fused them with our talents and industry knowledge. The result: solutions and processes that work.

Consulting for Business Transformation

There is plenty to business that no one can control – the economic and political climate alone can force a company to pivot dramatically. There are also internal factors that require a nimble transformation. Knowing which direction to pivot, and how to do it properly spells the difference between success and failure.

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Human Capital Consulting

Putting the right talent in the right role can make a critical difference in growth and the services your company can offer. At T&H, we make it our mission to monitor and research the type of talent our clients demand – whether it’s IT, security, or any other role.

Our human capital consulting experience coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the federal and IT industries make T&H the perfect consulting partner.

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Grants Management Consulting

We work with the grant making agencies and the grantee community to assure that systems are in place to validate compliance with grants management processes and policies. From process to reviewing and the awarding of your grant application, our staff provides full support while protecting the integrity of the grant-making agency.

We currently support over 200 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOPE VI grants in Public Housing Authorities (PHA) across the nation, representing over six billion dollars in grant investments.

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Training is a key investment, but you need a consultant who knows the industry, and can ensure that your employees have received the finest training possible.

Over the past three years, T&H consulting has used multiple innovative training platforms to train over 5,000 Federal, Department of Defense (DoD), and state employees in over 200 locations.

We offer best practices and lessons learned from our training experience to ensure that employees at every level and role receive the most effective training delivery methods.

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Data Analytics

The volume and diversity of data being captured by federal and defense agencies is staggering. This growth in collected data increases the demand for data analytics and the need to turn this information into business processes and actionable plans.

Thomas & Herbert will analyze inspect, clean, transform, and model your data. Our data analysis process has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques. Our goals are to highlight useful information, present conclusions, and support customer decision making.

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Risk Management

Successful risk management begins with asking the right types of questions. What’s the situation? What’s the proposed method for intervention? What’s the right way to address the risk and then move forward?

Identifying risks and what they represent can be tricky without the right type of consultant. T&H’s risk management team knows the kinds of risks our clients face, and the best course of action to take. We develop strategies and then implement them in a prepared, planned manner. From there we monitor the situation to ensure the risk has been eliminated.

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A competent, knowledgeable consulting company plays an important role when it concerns the growth and sustainability of your enterprise. Our consulting services not only cover a wide array of areas but are staffed with industry experts who know that consulting works best when your client considers you more than just a consultant; they consider you a partner.