We Take the Risk Out of Risk Management

Successful risk management begins with asking the right types of questions. What’s the situation? What’s the proposed method for intervention? What’s the right way to address the risk and then move forward?

Identifying risks and what they represent can be tricky without the right type of consultant. T&H’s risk management team knows the kinds of risks our clients face, and the best course of action to take. We develop strategies and then implement them in a prepared, planned manner. From there we monitor the situation to ensure the risk has been eliminated.

Risk Management Competencies

Operational and Financial Risk

Operations and finance are vital areas for any organization. Assessing the risks businesses encounter help assure the company is on firm footing, and the right resources and employees are earmarked to enable successful risk management.

The Thomas & Herbert, LLC staff is highly trained and familiar with these areas of risk management. Our team members work closely with your company’s staff and executive-level officers to create the right strategy and tactics that make risk management effective.

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Assessment and Controls

There are two parts to a concerns assessment – the self-assessment and the a third-party assessment. The client’s self-assessment generates information and data to help accurately identify the risks and how they must be monitored and controlled.

The second is a third-party review conducted by Thomas & Herbert, LLC. Our approach is to gain a central understanding of your key objectives and processes – then compile a direct, concise assessment.

Identifying the controls that are currently in place is another part of our service. Seeing which controls work, and those that don’t, plays an active role in risk assessment.

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Cyber Risks

Ransomware, phishing scams, fileless attacks and denial of service events are all risks that companies face on a daily basis. Risk assessment in this area requires a deep knowledge of the IT field, and the latest threats. The Thomas & Herbert, LLC team works with companies to not only foil these types of risks, but also put in the proper processes and protocols for employees to execute when these events occur.

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Risk Management That Rewards

The threats that your company faces can’t be ignored. We’ll work closely with you to determine the potential risks presented, along with the likelihood that such events can occur.

T&H’s risk management services have stood the test of time, and with each successful engagement with a client, we’ve perfected our processes and gained valuable insights. Industry knowledge has been a key to our staff’s success, along with training and certification.