What We Do, We Do Well

At Thomas & Herbert, our motto is “Your Success is Our Passion.” With every client, and every project, we keep that motto in mind. It’s what has guided our journey since our founding, and it will continue to serve as a reminder to deliver professional services from seasoned professionals using the latest in technology. As a federal consulting firm, we know what’s it like to work with government entities, and with our focus on information technology and security, T&H’s core values help us keep our clients on track and successful.


From business transformation to change management, T&H is more than a consulting firm. Yes, we are a resource, but we see ourselves as partners, helping to guide your team. When you’ve trusted us to help your company achieve its goals, we take it as a personal responsibility.

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IT Solutions

Technology is more than software and hardware – it’s a vital piece to any organization’s success. T&H’s suite of IT solutions ranges from creating a fully formed strategy to transforming your current system into one that’s better suited for where you are, and where you want to be. Regardless of the industry you’re in, our experts and consultants provide you with more than just ideas. They deliver solutions.

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Risk Management

Research, discovery, strategy, and tactics help Thomas & Herbert supply accurate, reliable, and executable strategies that will control risks inherent to any company. We identify the threat, check your company’s status for vulnerability and measure the impact of the risks you’re facing. Finally, we gauge the likelihood of an adverse event, and prepare a response process.

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Intelligence Solutions

Our team knows that it’s vital to build a bridge between IT and business functions. Each entity has to be structured strategically so they can stand alone and work together in a fluid and effortless manner. To achieve this, we construct a business-oriented strategic roadmap of your business intelligence initiatives, and then tie it to key organizational objectives and values.

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Data Analytics and Performance Management

We know that it’s more than just numbers when it concerns your business and strategic goals – it’s interpreting the data so that it can be used to locate growth opportunities and trouble spots that need to be corrected. And while we may not possess a crystal ball, we’re confident that we can use the past to help guide the future.

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Human Capital Consulting

There is no line item on a company report that shows the value of a human being. However, there are plenty of other tools that can be used to measure the success of hiring, training, and retaining employees. For example, a rise in your company’s profits after a successful year of training and educating your employees is something that can’t be ignored, but it certainly can be celebrated.

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At T&H, we believe in what we do, and our goal is to share our talents, knowledge, and experience with our clients to help them navigate the challenges they face. We believe in our services, and thanks to our team of professionals and their talents, we’re confident that we can provide you with a track to success.