Eliminating Cyber Risks

As technology continues to advance in a rapid state, the benefits are many. However, with these positives come a host of risks that can cripple a company’s output and, in some cases,, drive them out of business.

Cyber risks are not limited solely to computer systems; they can also affect the physical systems of any business. T&H is familiar with these risks, and we can rapidly identify them and install protocols and practices designed to reduce their impact – or stop them before they even get started.

Identifying Cyber Risks

One of the hardest parts of avoiding cyber risks is keeping up with them. Hackers, both foreign and domestic, create new and dangerous schemes as quickly as current ones are identified. While the cyber risk list is changing on an almost daily basis, T&H’s cyber risk team members have the resources and training to stay ahead of even the most devious schemes.

A few of the cyber risks currently threatening businesses include:

  • Malware or ransom ware attacks
  • Cloud services with poor default security
  • Data breaches releasing sensitive information
  • Denial of service attacks (DoS)

It’s also worth noting that the technology available to hackers is now contained in smaller, mobile devices. No longer do they need extensive, and stationary, systems – cyber attacks can be launched as easily from a mobile phone as they can via a tablet or other device.

Information Security

T&H provides a comprehensive range of information security services centered on assessment and assurance, strategy and architecture, right through to deployment and maintenance management.

The team members that comprise our cyber risk team are far from one-dimensional – they have a wide array of soft and hard skills that work together to help our clients identify the cyber risks inherent to their industry and protect their systems.

When we’re working to identify cyber risks, we don’t just meet with a client’s IT team, we also interact with department heads and managers from across the enterprise. This approach ensures that we get the complete picture, and plan our services and deliverables in a manner that won’t disrupt other facets of an organization.

Our services have been specifically designed to assist organizations in identifying and evaluating IT security risks through security reviews, assessments, security audits, and penetration tests. The next stage is to design and implement security solutions, which mitigate any exposures through strategic security consulting, policy, and technology initiatives.

Our Cyber Security Initiatives

T&H has led, or is currently supporting, major cyber security initiatives. One of our most notable projects includes the Department of Homeland Security Terrorist Screening program that covered classified data stores across 36 federal agencies.

Our company has provided information security services to accomplish security engineering and disaster recovery tasks related to the Internal Revenue Service’s Taxpayer Information System, as well as developing and conducting Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) of applications and infrastructures located at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data centers throughout the country.

Keep your business information safe. Contact T&H today online or give us a call at 443.369.0285.

Intelligent Intelligence Solutions

In a world of ever changing threats to national security and the warfighter, T&H has dynamic customer, management and technical solutions that can deliver now and adapt to meet tomorrow’s defense challenges.

With Department of Defense-wide efforts to find savings in a tight fiscal environment, T&H is providing the defense community services that help decision makers access the right information at the right time.

Now more than ever, mission success depends on the ability to align strategy, resources, execution, and operations. With in-depth experience supporting defense on land and in the air, T&H can help you achieve your goals.

Years working in the defense sector has given our team an intimate knowledge of what clients of this caliber require and how to best deliver those results; experience has been an excellent teacher. Throughout each project, we work with team leads to define the strategies and tactics that will help them reach mission objectives.

T&H’s services include planning and managing project activities from blueprint to final preparation phases. Our skills also include prototyping and providing command-specific implementation configuration. Our team has also assisted and directed enterprise design, integration, and consolidation support to several clients in different projects.

One common rule that can be associated with the intelligence industry is that change is constant. As technology continues to move forward by leaps and bounds, the intelligence solutions we provide are built to be flexible, and altered as situations change in the field.

We’re proud to work with representatives from different sectors of the intelligence community. T&H is proud to partner with companies that provide security to our country. Below are two projects from the intelligence community that we partnered with.

  • Department of Homeland Security
    T&H’s clients have included the Department of Homeland Security. Our job was to create a Terrorist Watchlist Integration. We were named the prime contractor for a $30 million Blanket Purchase Agreement to engage in collaborative efforts with the DHS Chief of Information Office to support its terrorist screening initiatives.This included the development of a functional system interface between DHS and the Terrorist Screening Center. Leveraging the capabilities of the existing infrastructure, the T&H team focused its resources on implementing and realizing an architectural environment that conformed to the requirements of HSPD-11, Comprehensive Terrorist-Related Screening Procedures.
  • Army Logistics Modernization SAP Solution
    T&H has supported the LMP program since its inception in 1998. We are prototyping AMC process scenarios and generating business strategy white papers to provide solution capabilities of SAP. We are providing Command-specific implementation configuration, coordinating testing of specific implementation configuration, and assisting in various training initiatives to present the solution throughout AMC.

Intelligence solutions require a high degree of competency and industry knowledge, along with skillsets and personnel familiar with the intelligence and military communities. At T&H we have built a team of professionals that possess a wide variety of skills and experience, which make us one of the leading consultants for the intelligence community.

For more information on how we partner with the intelligence community, give us a call today at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or contact us online.