Training for Success

Regardless of the services your organization provides, training is essential to ensure your employees meet your goals and objectives.

When you identify competencies for certain employees, you are setting them on a path to improving their talents and knowledge. It’s vital that the path they are following has been supported with training delivered by knowledgeable, informed trainers.

Unlike other training consultants and services, T&H doesn’t view training as a one and done experience. We realize that continued training, performed on a predetermined basis helps employees stay current on their competencies, and identify other areas where there are knowledge or talent gaps.

Trainers who are adaptable and approachable deliver successful training experiences. T&H has invested money – and training – in our trainers. We want them to be able to answer almost any question they’re asked while providing insight and responsive coaching to your employees.

Over the past several years, we have created and executed multiple and innovative training programs for state and federal agencies. In addition, we partnered with the Department of Defense to deliver high quality training materials and training platforms that met the government guidelines for training.

We’re proud to have provided more than 5,000 employees with training, presenting information and methods in easy to understand formats. Armed with this new information, our clients have experienced an increase in growth, profitability, and employee satisfaction.

Training Methods and Materials

Before your employees attend one of our training sessions, our team will work with you to gain a complete knowledge of your company and services it provides. In depth interviews, along with our research and knowledge, will produce top-notch training materials that are impactful and intuitive.

And because our in-house teams develop the materials our trainers present, they already have a sense of familiarity with it. This translates into training sessions that are lively, informative, and beneficial to your employees.

People learn in different ways; some may get more out of one-on-one training held in a classroom than viewing training videos online. T&H knows this, and we can deliver training in a variety of channels – including formal, casual, podium, distance, web-based and computer-based training.

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, T&H’s approach incorporates fresh and proven training methodologies. We offer best practices and lessons learned from our training experience.

Members of our training group stay current with the latest procedures and practices – it’s this knowledge that allows T&H to deliver exceptional training experiences.

This approach helps to ensure that the training delivery methods we provide to you are based on the capabilities and competencies defined by your management team. In addition, we can work to ensure that our trainers are available for follow up questions about the materials and how they should be applied to your daily operations.

When your employees receive the training they need to advance their careers, their loyalty to your company or organization will quickly grow. This investment in training helps retain employees, and avoid the “brain drain” that can undermine your company’s mission and profit line.

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