Operational and Administrative Support Services

Companies that are on the growth path, or who want to maintain their current status, require employees who have the right specialties and talents. Whether it’s a marketing director, IT professional, or any other position, the right operational and administrative support is crucial.

The daily operations of any business or company are vital to a company’s growth. The right employee can manage tasks ranging from program and quality control management to logistics and strategic operations. With the right type of skillset, this position can reduce waste and improve processes.

Likewise, administrative personnel play a key role in a company’s function. While an administrative employee is expected to accomplish every-day tasks, the role and responsibilities of this area have greatly expanded.

As technology continues to grow and provide quick and efficient solutions to every day tasks, the need for operational and administrative personnel has seen a general decline. However, T&H believes that there are certain roles and services that can’t be fulfilled by software or automated processes.

Our Support Services

T&H’s operational and administrative support services add another dimension to your company. Our team has years of experience and knowledge and is supported by a group of professionals who have worked extensively in the operational and administrative fields.

Before we install our support services, T&H will meet with you and your staff to determine what tasks need to be completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We’ll ask a list of questions to collect this data and present a detailed analysis for your review.

This process can also identify areas that have not received the proper attention. These gaps can usually be filled by our team, and can help add productivity and streamline processes already in place.

After determining what needs to be accomplished, T&H’s support services can be easily and quickly provided. We strive to have the right type of communication and reporting tools in place, so we can stay on top of any changes, and make the right type of adjustments without disrupting your company’s work flow.

One of the top advantages to our services is that they can be easily customized to fit the growth of your company. As departments grow, our administrative and operational support systems can grow with them. Should your company need to shift resources to another section, T&H can fill those spots. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in this area, there’s also a chance we can combine roles to reduce overlap while maintaining a high degree of service.

The Benefits of Our Operational and Support Services

When you hire T&H for operational and administrative support, you’ll see an almost immediate gain in productivity and a reduction in costs. With a support service such as ours, you will no longer have to worry about salaries, health insurance, training, and the many other costs associated with permanent employees.

T&H staffs our support services with individuals who already have years of experience in their fields. We also supply them with periodic training to increase their talents and performance. In addition, we ensure that each is familiar with commonly used software programs.

To learn more about our operational and support services, contact us on the website or call 443.369.0285 today!