Putting People First – Human Capital Consulting Services

There is no line item on a company report that shows the value of a human being. However, there are plenty of other tools that can be used to measure the success of hiring, training, and retaining employees.

For example, a rise in your company’s profits after a successful year of training and educating your employees is something that can’t be ignored, but it certainly can be celebrated.

With the right human capital consulting team – you’ll see that the proper talent contributes to your bottom line.

Human Capital Consulting

There are a number of benefits to human capital consulting, from posting an open position online, to conducting a productive interview, and even watching an employee grow and contribute to the company.

Human resource departments are tasked with locating the right employee, while having to deal with hiring laws, guidelines, and a society that often dictates who should be hired. One wrong move, or incorrect decision, can generate sizeable losses in profitability.

Human capital consulting plays an important part in a company’s economic growth. Investing in training and teaching new skill sets to employees also helps contribute to retaining these employees, a key component to success in a business marketplace with a high demand for team members with the right knowledge and training.

The T&H Approach to Human Capital Consulting

Human capital consulting that provides results begins with a team that not only has experience but acts an outside support system for human resources departments and hiring managers. We start with a review of the company’s needs and past hires, along with education and training courses made available to your employees.

With that information, along with other data and analysis we gather from your company, we can begin to build the right guidelines and rules for identifying the positions that need to be filled, and what skills the right candidate needs to possess.

Armed with this information, T&H can help with the hiring process, assisting with screenings and interviews. Once these steps have been achieved, our team of human capital consultants works with you to sift through this data, and help select an employee that can grow with the company, and help the company grow.

Industry Knowledge

Our human capital consulting experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the federal and IT industries, makes T&H the perfect consulting partner.


The demand for hiring the right candidate in the federal government space has always been a challenge. With shifting policies and public demand, staying one step ahead while meeting mission objectives presents unique challenges.

Human capital consulting in the federal government market requires a unique understanding of policies and procedures. Our team stays current with these rules and regulations, while looking down the road to anticipate upcoming challenges.

Information Technology

There are few other industries that change and shift as much as IT. The quick shift in demand for skills, matched with the increasing trend of working from home and the need for project-specific employment requires a human capital consulting service that knows the industry, and how to identify the right talent.

T&H has been working in human capital consulting for years and can provide your business or agency with exactly what it needs. Give us a call today at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or contact us on the website for more information.