Grants Management that Serves Both Sides

T&H’s role as consultant covers a variety of different industries. We don’t see ourselves as mere consultants. Our teams provide more than guidance and analysis; they also work to form a bond that helps communication flow smoother, along with the exchange of ideas.

The grant-making and grantee communities require processes and guidelines that help to ensure the entire process runs smoothly and accurately. T&H has the expertise and experience to help both sides succeed.

Working with the grant-making community, our professionals will document your current processes, and assure that you are in compliance. Our grant management services experts can construct efficient, timely and accurate methods for processing, reviewing, and awarding grant applications.

Your Grants Management Officer (GMO) and Grants Specialists can rely on T&H to help make sure that all administrative; audit, and cost principles meet the legislative requirements for Federal grants, cooperative agreements, and sub-awards. Your agency’s reputation and integrity will never be questioned.

The Grant Management Process

Grant management services need to be built in a way that is flexible, but aware of the stringent compliances and policies that accompany grant making. T&H has a grant management group that stays current with the rules and regulations that grant-making agencies must follow.

A careful review of your policies and procedures helps us understand how your organization is constructed. We will examine the different grantee audiences that apply for your grants – giving us data that improves accuracy. With these steps completed, we can then dive deeper into how your grant evaluation and awarding practices have been meeting with various challenges.

Helping our clients with grant management doesn’t end when the grant is awarded. T&H stays on board to ensure timely and effective communication between your agency and the grantee throughout the award process and post-award process.

Throughout this process, our grant management team will function as much more than a resource, we will position ourselves as partners, working with you and your agency to achieve your goals and help make sure the chosen grantee will gain the most from your efforts.

A Proven Track Record in Grants Management

When we work with grants-making agency, our goal is to help it succeed. We achieve this through hard work, dedication, and a wealth of knowledge from previous work within the community.

Helping the grant process work smoothly makes sure that the right agencies receive the funding they need to advance their goals, support their missions, and improve the lives of their constituents.

T&H currently supports over 200 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HOPE VI grants in Public Housing Authorities across the nation. This program was founded to target public housing projects suffering from a variety of challenges – and then revitalize them.

Our work with these clients represents over six billion dollars in grant investments. These funds help housing projects rebuild and reinvent themselves, and provide the type of resources that their tenants need to achieve success.

Regardless of what role your business plays in the grant process, T&H can help. Learn more by calling us at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or reaching out online.