Bonding Information Technology with Business Objectives

Information technology has become a vital part of any business – whether it’s a private company or a government-based agency. T&H has built a qualified team that knows IT strategy, and just as important, how it should work with and support a company’s business plan and initiatives.

Of course, an effective IT strategy begins with the company’s technology needs and wants. Technology can be harnessed in order to streamline processes and increase each employee’s productivity. In addition, using the right software and hardware is not only beneficial, it’s vital when making economic decisions for investing in the right tools to complete the job.

When T&H partners with a client, we begin with an overall inventory of the current technology and the original plan. After interviewing and collecting data, we move forward to create a fully detailed and comprehensive blueprint.

This blueprint functions as master plan and illustrates how the IT strategy supports a company’s business objectives and operation. The blueprint also functions as a comprehensive guideline for the IT department, ensuring that its employees perform their duties to their fullest, while delivering the right solutions.

IT Strategy – How It Shapes, and Supports

T&H knows that IT strategy is more than creating the right guidelines and policy for the IT department. This strategy has to work in sync with a company’s business plan and its initiatives.

When we begin planning a strategy, we also include measured and research assumptions to help create metrics. Additionally, T&H looks to the outside business environment to document current trends to incorporate into your strategy.

The result is a mission-driven strategy whose purpose is to align a company’s goals and objectives. When this objective is fulfilled, a company can then improve its business through the correct use of technology.

Like any other project or strategy, the IT strategy we plan isn’t only for today, it’s built to last for an extended period of time, and can be altered to fit changes in a company’s business flow.

A viable and well-planned IT strategy directly influences the investments a company can make. The IT strategy that T&H creates doesn’t merely contribute to the business mission; it supports it in multiple ways.

Our Process and Planning

T&H believes that research and data analysis are the two most important building blocks of any project. Our team can speak the language of information technology, and also understand the business component.

When we interact with your IT leads and Chief Information Officer, the data we’ve collected helps build an IT strategy that defines the role IT will play. We also cover the structure of the IT department, and how the enterprise architecture will be incorporated into the overall business plan.

In addition to this planning, the IT strategy covers hiring, training, and developing within the department. When employees know their roles and see how their work impacts the performance of the company, the result is a positive environment attaining vital goals.

You can begin planning a successful IT strategy with T&H today. Give us a call at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or contact us on the website for more information.