Infrastructure Management

Every facet of your business can always stand improvement. The trick is to decide what area requires the most attention. Many business owners and managers focus on their departments’ specialty – whether it’s IT, marketing, or strategy.

In some cases, the infrastructure can suffer, and while it may work in the background, the effectiveness of this factor can contribute greatly to your bottom line – or it can hinder growth.

When you talk about infrastructure management, you’re discussing the systems and processes that ensure the company is reaching its goals, while maintaining productivity.

Other components of infrastructure can include data entry, basic human resources tasks, and simple clerking duties. All of these, and many other functions, comprise infrastructure – these examples are interchangeable, and they can differ greatly between companies and industries.

Another key component of infrastructure – and one that can be taken for granted – is a company’s help desk. It’s often the face of a company, and the person who answers questions is usually a customer’s first interaction. An automated help desk that’s structured properly can also ensure results and the right answers.

However, complicated phone trees or automated responses via chat can cause confusion.

Infrastructure management and help desks are two vital areas for any business, but due to their role, it’s easy for them to be neglected. Without being closely monitored, both of these components can become liabilities, especially in a fast-paced world where there’s not always enough time to make sure things are running smoothly.

Help for Your Help Desk

T&H’s infrastructure management and help desk services are the result of countless client interactions. Our team has worked with numerous companies in the private and public sectors, along with government offices and departments. We’ve learned what works and how to customize our solutions to fit a company’s needs.

When you’re working with T&H’s team, you’ll see that our methods and processes for handling your infrastructure are designed to improve your operation while ensuring that the plan is one that will work for the long haul. We’re also take into account how changes we recommend can affect the overall business plan and objectives.

Taking a full inventory of your company’s infrastructure allows our team to design plans and processes that enable us to manage those areas. Expertise and experience guide our decisions, and the plans we present are thorough and detailed. Of course, we’ll work with your team to incorporate their feedback.

When it concerns the help desk piece of your company, it’s important to ask a series of questions such as:

  • What is the current success rate of your help desk?
  • Are automated resources for your help desk – such as an online FAQ – updated on a regular basis?
  • Are help desk employees fully trained?

These are only a few of the questions we ask. Gathering this type of data, along with interviewing key employees allows us to recommend the right help desk solutions, which could range from outsourcing this service to moving operations entirely online.

If your help desk could use a little extra help, give T&H a call today at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or contact us on the website for more information.