The Health IT Experts

Information technology has become standard for any industry. It’s what helps drive businesses and allow them to reach their financial and growth goals. IT can also streamline processes, enabling employees to focus their attention on more important tasks.

The area of Health IT has experienced rapid growth, as hospitals, physician’s offices, and other medical entities have shifted from paper records to technological replacements. Whether it’s software to help with appointment scheduling, or digital health records – Health IT is critical to those in the medical field.

Health IT Security

With information technology, there are also concerns about security. Data breaches, denial of services, and viruses can quickly compromise a company’s records and information. When it concerns the medical and health care industry, losing medical records and patient profiles to outside sources can have dramatic impacts.

T&H’s client experiences within the medical and health care fields have allowed us to gain critical experience and knowledge. Having worked with clients in other fields, including government entities, we’re completely aware of data security, and how best to prevent an event from occurring.

Healthcare IT isn’t only concerned about keeping patient’s medical and personal files secure. Designing and executing the right type of Health IT solution brings various benefits that can help physicians and hospitals increase their profitability by speeding up various processes, such as billing and scheduling.

Improve Patient Healthcare

On a larger scale the right type of Health IT solution can produce accurate and a complete record of a patient’s health. With this kind of information health care professionals can make quick and accurate diagnoses and recommend the right type of treatment.

With the right Health IT solution, medical professionals can share information in an almost seamless manner. Collaboration and patient evaluations don’t have to take days or weeks. Information technology allows instant sharing, which in turn helps patients and their doctors stay ahead of the curve.

T&H’s Health IT Solution Is the Cure

When we work with a client in the healthcare industry, our team approaches Health IT with the same degree of intensity and professionalism. Drawing from a variety of past experiences, our professionals combine that information with the latest training and IT techniques.

Thanks to our involvement with federal agencies and departments, T&H has gained a great deal of experience when it comes to formulating IT solutions for large-scale enterprises. We know that the IT solution has to be professionally designed and installed, but planned so that it can be easily expanded should the demands increase.

Our team of Health IT consultants has grown over the years, with several having worked in the healthcare industry. Sharing this information with the team, while staying current with the latest technologies and demands, is what separates T&H from other consultants.

When we meet with you to determine the best plan for your Health IT requirements, we’ll conduct a thorough inventory of your needs and processes. Our experts will meet with key employees and managers to gain an even deeper understanding of what the right Health IT solution would look like.

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