Knowledge is Business Power

Employees are charged with executing their mission by using available resources, their talents, and experience. Each one brings something to the table and contributes to the company’s ability to reach goals and meet objectives. While cross-training and collaboration can help distribute that knowledge, a formal collection of this data can bring multiple benefits to any organization.

Gathering this knowledge requires a multidisciplinary approach to identify the knowledge and capture it in a variety of formats, such as inter-company databases, documents, and policies.

It’s also important to evaluate this knowledge by deciding if it is relevant to the company’s mission and can be applied to each employee’s mission. While knowledge from the human resources department can help with employee interaction, technical items that require IT experience and training would not be worth including.

Working with different department leads and executives, compiling this information, and then sharing it throughout the enterprise can be a complicated process. Roadmaps and guides can help with the flow of information. Maybe most importantly, though, the final resting place of this knowledge needs to be accessible to everyone.

One common occurrence when in a knowledge gathering exercise is discovering that employees possess expertise that they have never had the opportunity to use, maybe due to their job descriptions or projects they were assigned to. This knowledge is vital as it can help managers discover new talents in their employees, which can save money and time, especially in the case of hiring new talent.

T&H has worked in a variety of industries with clients that include health care professionals, government subcontractors, and intelligence companies. Each project has yielded a great amount of success for our clients, and also provided our team with valuable experience and insights.

When we collaborate with you, we’ll bring these insights and experiences to the project, enabling us to successfully plan how to attain and document the knowledge available from your employees. More importantly we can help plan how to acquire this knowledge and share it.

Reporting Services

Reporting information and data has become easier, thanks to new technology infrastructure. Older methods of reporting have become outdated, and in some cases the only factor changed in reporting was the format.

Data gathered through reporting can include everything from sales numbers to forecasts. Collecting this information is only one step in knowledge management and reporting it to members of the company in a clear, concise manner needs to be done correctly.

T&H knows how to review your reporting processes and analyze how the data is presented and consumed. Our team will also help map out where the data and information is coming from and how it is reported to departments and head executives.

This part of the project can increase the speed in reporting and eliminate unnecessary recipients and extraneous steps in the process.

Knowledge management and reporting are two crucial areas that companies need to access in order to grow and maintain their infrastructure. Each area contains data and information crucial to success and working with T&H’s team of consultants is an excellent way to ensure the projects accomplishes it’s goals and produce information that will usher in new growth.

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