Governance Plans for Succeeding

Maintaining control over a large company or federal concern can occupy senior management’s time and other resources when they could be attending to other, more critical tasks.

With the right governance in place, one that has been expertly designed and custom fitted to an entity, a company runs smoother, employees become more productive, and department heads and senior management can attend to their duties and responsibilities.

The quality of governance is a factor that board members use when reviewing performance and growth patterns. Governance also signals to potential and current investors that the company represents a worthy investment and has the right rules and regulations in place to continue steady growth.

What Governance Entails

Governance entails the inner workings and rules of a company, including practices and processes which are there to keep the company controlled and headed in the right direction.

In addition, governance helps to balance the stakeholders involved with a company. In regard to federal and other small government concerns, governance is crucial to winning and maintaining contracts, while staying in compliance.

The fact that governance touches every facet of a company is what makes it difficult to adhere to. Action plans, measurements, KPIs, and mission objectives are all touched by governance.

When governance is designed and maintained correctly, processes run smoother, and communication throughout the company conveys the right meaning and messaging.

Who We Serve

T&H has worked with healthcare clients, intelligence concerns, information technology companies, and various other entities. We’ve helped them replace current versions of governance with brand new plans or made the necessary adjustments.

Through our years of experience, T&H knows that each client is different, and the plans we present are never “one size fits all.” We are proud of the fact that what we produce is customized to fit our individual clients, regardless of what industry they represent.

The team at T&H has experience working in the corporate world in a variety of roles, from running the operations side of a government concern to serving in upper management. The knowledge gained from these careers benefits our clients in a multitude of ways.

We understand that governance is mainly the task of the board of directors. If this entity exists, our team will review company governance with them. We’ll also interview executives and division leaders. This step helps T&H gain vital information and feedback; we’ll match this data against our governance experience and target weaknesses and strengths.

Throughout this engagement T&H will remain true to the fact that we are a values-based firm that maintains a strong ethical code in all of our dealings and relationships.

We maintain quality relationships with all of our clients as sensitive projects such as governance requires the utmost security. The governance team working with you knows this, and carries out every level of the project with the right skills and solutions with a high level of discretion.

For more information on our governance solutions, reach out today at 301.370.7328 / 301.370.7329 or contact us online.