Business Intelligence (BI) Services That Make Sense

Building the bridge between a business model and the role of IT doesn’t have to be stressful – not if you have the right consultant team working with you. Our business intelligence (BI) advisory services will help build a strong vision of what you want to accomplish with BI and then work with you to deliver that vision to your stakeholders.

The strategies and technologies which are used by your enterprise generate mountains of data, which require correct analysis – without this step, the information is close to useless. When T&H partners with you, we’ll review this data and generate historical, current and futuristic views of your business operations.

Our team of experts knows business intelligence and the associated methods, including:

  • Reporting
  • Analytical processing
  • Dashboard development
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive analysis

Once these steps have been accomplished, the project hasn’t concluded, in fact the next steps can be the most critical.

We’ll develop a business-oriented strategic roadmap of your business intelligence initiatives, tied to key organizational objectives and values and create a BI delivery model based on effectively deployed technology, organized and trained staff, and a defined set of processes.

This roadmap will enable you to work seamlessly with the delivery model, and allow team members, department heads, and executives to track the progress. This plan also helps teams collaborate with one another to accomplish any tasks assigned to them.

T&H will also provide the analytics necessary for your organization to predict and simulate business events based on insights derived from your current business intelligence system, or design your BI reports and dashboards.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence

The data and systems that comprise business intelligence can seem overwhelming, and applying what’s been collected generates another set of challenges. T&H works with our business intelligence clients to help them manage that information, and derive the utmost benefit from it.

One of the most important benefits of BI is taking raw data and transforming it into easy to understand information that can help predict trends while giving an accurate depiction of a company’s current state.

In turn, this data is easily managed, and can be shared with employees and department leads via template reports and analysis. This streamlining of a delivery method helps boost productivity, along with employee performance.

With information supplied by business intelligence, other applications include:

  • Project management help that increase the ability to achieve goals faster
  • Effective control over key business components
  • Improved ROI due to data analysis that can be shared instantly
  • Customer behavior data that can be applied to marketing and sales

No matter your BI need, T&H is ready to help.

T&H has provided BI services for the US Army, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and state and local agencies. At HUD, T&H identified that true business intelligence on the program could be improved via a strong MicroStrategy implementation.

HUD is now capable of retrieving BI data from over 500 Public Housing Authorities across the country. As a certified MicroStrategy partner with certified MicroStrategy experts available to the team, T&H was able to provide immediate value to the HUD client.

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